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Holywell Green Primary & Nursery School



The school encourages all its children to wear the school uniform.  We feel it creates a sense of belonging and enables the children to wear practical and comfortable clothes for school.


Boys                                                                Girls

Dark grey or black trousers                          Grey or dark skirt/trousers/pinafore dress

School sweatshirt                                         White or light blue polo shirt/blouse

White or light blue polo shirt                        School sweatshirt or cardigan

Plain black/dark sensible shoes/trainers      Blue gingham dress (summer)

                                                                     Plain black/dark sensible shoes/trainers

School Uniform Prices :-

Polo Shirts   £7.00                       Sweatshirts    £7.80

Cardigans     £9.50                       Bookbags         £3.20

PE Bags        £3.20                       PE Shorts        £4.50

PE T Shirt   £1.80


For PE the children will need:-


Dark blue shorts, white polo or t-shirt, trainers or pumps.  In the winter for outdoor PE the children will also wear a tracksuit.


To purchase name labels so that clothing does not go missing use this link, and the following registration code 10109. The school then benefits from any purchase made.


Children are only allowed to wear simple stud earrings and these must be taken out for PE.