At Holywell Green, what our customers (the children and their parents) think is very important to us and so we regularly canvass their opinions.  Here are some comments from our annual surveys…

What the children think...

"All the adults plus teachers are really kind and welcoming. Also all the areas are so, so clean and hyjenic” – Child aged 7 years (so please excuse the spelling mistake!)

"What I like most about my school is the fun lessons that we have" – Child aged 7 years

"I like the activities in the playground, children can have fun and learn new things." – Child aged 8 years

"I like the teachers most because they are kind, helpful and they listen to you." – Child aged 8 years

"The thing I like most about this school is how lucky we are.  I mean like we get to go swimming, school trips and literary lunches!" – Child aged 9 years

"I like this school because it has teachers who trust me." - Child aged 10 years 

"Everybody is fair." – Child aged 11 years

"What I like most about my school is everything!" – Child aged 5 years


What the parents think...

“My child is only 3 years old and since starting nursery…..I’m amazed at what he can do.” – Parent child aged 3 years

“Nursery school is exemplary.  Mrs. Livesy’s communication skills with the children are excellent.” – Parent of child aged 3 years

“My children have been so well behaved since starting at this school.  The education is better than at any other school.” – Parent of child aged 8 years

“My child is always very happy at school and recites with glee what she has done with her teacher.  An excellent school which I’m proud to say my daughter attends – Thank you!” – Parent of child aged 8 years

“My children are thoroughly enjoying attending your school……Great school, well done.” – Parent of child aged 10 years

“My child… has enjoyed her time within the school.  Thank you for making her primary school days enjoyable.” – Parent of child aged 11 years