Supporting Home Learning

As part of our home learning package we are using the National Oak Academy online resources. This includes teacher led lessons that can be followed at home to ensure continuity of curriculum provision. Each class has established a timetable for your child's learning that includes lessons from the resource.

Below is the link to a 'How To' guide to help with understanding how the lessons work and how you can best use the resources provided

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We appreciate that this is a difficult time for parents and we are working hard to try and assist you to home school your child. Each class teacher has mapped out the curriculum for their year group against the National Oak Academy Curriculum. Class teachers have created a weekly timetable that follows the learning that would normally have been completed in class and which will be followed by the children in school. These timetables include all of the activities that the children will be doing and to ensure their are no gaps in knowledge it is strongly suggested that when possible children should follow these timetables. However, we understand that parents are balancing home learning with working from home and this is why we add some additional activities that children can undertake independently. 

Timetables are to be used as guide and can be as flexible as you like. The lessons can be done in any order and at anytime of your choosing. For example, if you have meetings from 9 - 11 in the morning, you may want to put your child on Maths Whizz and Education City during this time and then in the afternoon you may work through the timetable. If you have not received the timetable by email, it is also available on your child's class page on the website.

When working through the National Oak Academy lessons, the younger the child the more support/interaction they will need. Throughout the lessons, there are times to stop the video, think and discuss. These parts of the lessons are crucial to help a child develop their understanding, please take the time to discuss these questions. There is also time for independent learning, and this is generally a practical task or a written task that a child should try to complete on their own. When working through these lessons in school, we have found that the lessons last around 55 mins to 60 mins.

Whilst working with your child at home, it is crucial to implement good routines. Below is a video designed to help you think about how to set and maintain good routines that will allow your child to make the most of their learning environment.

Once you have organised your daily routines, think about how you set a sensible timetable. Class teachers will include a suggested example to support you. Follow the activities and remember to try to incorporate  as much of your child's learning as you can into daily life. For example, when  going to the shops if your child has been working with money, ask them to work out how much change they should receive or play shops and take turns at being the shopkeeper.

Supporting Reading at Home

Supporting Writing at Home